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TWIN SETS•Classical Guitar Twins•Steve Gibbs|Luis José Martins

from 18 Jan 2019
18 Jan 2019

O'culto da Ajuda

Twin Sets comissário – Noel Taylor

18 de Janeiro às 22h - O’culto da Ajuda

Sobre Twin Sets

Gémeos - nascidos do mesmo ovo, nutridos juntos no útero. Mas e os nossos "gémeos"? Eles são de diferentes idades, géneros, alimentados em diversas culturas, países separados. O desafio é encontrarem o seu gémeo musical, falarem com a sua própria voz mas descobrirem e encontrarem o espelho de si mesmos através do som que mais amam - o som de seu próprio instrumento nas mãos do outro.

No entanto, os gémeos não podem ficar para sempre ligados apenas à sua própria imagem no espelho. O seu desafio é também produzirem uma peça de música que responda à estética de seu par gémeos complementar em cada noite, e assim combinar a sua própria busca de um pelo outro com um encontro com os colegas do outro par de instrumentos. Cada set começará com as propostas de cada "par gémeo" e terminará com um conjunto que reúne os quatro músicos. O objectivo é produzir uma única peça musical, como se de uma forma sinfónica se tratasse, e cada secção funcionasse como um movimento dentro do todo. 

About Twin Sets

Twins - born of the same egg, nurtured together in the womb. But what of our ‘twins’? They are of different ages, genders, nurtured in diverse cultures, separate countries. Their challenge is to find their musical twin, to speak with their own voice but to discover and meet the mirror of themselves through the sound they love most - the sound of their own instrument in the hands of another.

Yet twins can’t stay for ever linked only with their own mirror image. Their challenge is also to produce a piece of music that responds to the aesthetic of their fellow twin pairing, to merge their own search for each other with their reactions to the playing of their counterparts on other instruments. Each set will begin with statements from each ‘twin pair’ and conclude with a joint ensemble of all four players. The aim is to produce a seamless piece of music, as if in symphonic form, each section functioning as a movement within the whole.     


Twin Sets, Day 1

Classical Guitar Twins: Steve Gibbs e Luis José Martins

Steve Gibbs (BE/USA), Classical Guitar

Born in Chicago in 1959 and settled in Belgium since the beginning of the 90s, Steve Gibbs is an award-winning specialist of the 8 string classical guitar, with work spanning solo recitals, research and multidisciplinary creation. His professional training includes Western classical music, Carnatic and Buddhist chant and Korean shamanist percussion. Collaborating with master luthiers, he has developed a radically personalized 8 string concert guitar with embedded captors that enables him to approach Bach lute music, contact noise and odd string fractions within a single instrument. 40 years of performing have taken him to Asia, Europe and the USA. His music can be heard on BandCamp, Alina, HeyJazz and Setola di Miali, with a complete Bach solo lute works cycle scheduled for released on Da Vinci Edition Osaka in 2020. ‘Wasteland’, released in 2018, was a multi-national collaboration that also featured Paulo Chagas. Their performance ai MIA 2018 was one of the festival highlights.



Luis José Martins (PT), Classical Guitar

Born 1978, Luis José Martins describes himself as a ‘Guitarist, composer, arranger and improviser’. His music displays an extraordinary delicacy, heard most clearly in his solo album ‘Tentos - Invenções e Encantamentos’ (Clean Feed/ Shhpuma, 2017) and his collaborations with his pianist wife, Joana Sa. Blessed with a classical guitar technique that helped to propel the group ‘Deolinda’ to international fame, Martins has since concentrated on fusing those same traditional skills with a highly focussed search for his own voice. Like Steve Gibbs, he contrasts the innate gentle melancholy of his instrument with violent, percussive noises, stretching the qualities of his instrument to its limits.

 Martins studied classical guitar in Lisbon, Paris, Orléans and Castelo Branco, where he completed his degree on the instrument. In Paris, he studied with Uruguayan master Betho Davezac, having earned the Diplôme de Perfectionnement (Conservatoire Marcel Dupré, Meudon/Paris). With Joana Sá, he has developed a vast collaborative work in creating music for theatre, film and projects for children, the duo having coordinated the music area of CENTA – Centro de Estudos de Novas Tendências Artísticas. He performs regularly, both as a solo artist and with his various projects, and has recorded for several of the most important labels, radio stations and television programs, both in Portugal and abroad.

Classical Guitar Twins -factos:

Quando Noel Taylor ouviu Steve Gibbs tocar no MIA 2018, imediatamente imaginou um duo entre Steve e Luis José Martins. Este foi o germe da ideia para "Twin Sets".


Twin Sets fact:

When Noel Taylor heard Steve Gibbs play at MIA 2018 he immediately conceived the idea of a duo between Steve and Luis José Martins. This was the germination of the idea for ‘Twin Sets’.


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