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TWIN SETS•Voice Twins•Maria Radich|Bill Young

from 19 Jan 2019
19 Jan 2019

O'culto da Ajuda

Twin Sets comissário – Noel Taylor

19 de Janeiro às 22h - O’culto da Ajuda

Sobre Twin Sets

Gémeos - nascidos do mesmo ovo, nutridos juntos no útero. Mas e os nossos "gémeos"? Eles são de diferentes idades, géneros, alimentados em diversas culturas, países separados. O desafio é encontrarem o seu gémeo musical, falarem com a sua própria voz mas descobrirem e encontrarem o espelho de si mesmos através do som que mais amam - o som de seu próprio instrumento nas mãos do outro.

No entanto, os gémeos não podem ficar para sempre ligados apenas à sua própria imagem no espelho. O seu desafio é também produzirem uma peça de música que responda à estética de seu par gémeos complementar em cada noite, e assim combinar a sua própria busca de um pelo outro com um encontro com os colegas do outro par de instrumentos. Cada set começará com as propostas de cada "par gémeo" e terminará com um conjunto que reúne os quatro músicos. O objectivo é produzir uma única peça musical, como se de uma forma sinfónica se tratasse, e cada secção funcionasse como um movimento dentro do todo. 

About Twin Sets

Twins - born of the same egg, nurtured together in the womb. But what of our ‘twins’? They are of different ages, genders, nurtured in diverse cultures, separate countries. Their challenge is to find their musical twin, to speak with their own voice but to discover and meet the mirror of themselves through the sound they love most - the sound of their own instrument in the hands of another.

Yet twins can’t stay for ever linked only with their own mirror image. Their challenge is also to produce a piece of music that responds to the aesthetic of their fellow twin pairing, to merge their own search for each other with their reactions to the playing of their counterparts on other instruments. Each set will begin with statements from each ‘twin pair’ and conclude with a joint ensemble of all four players. The aim is to produce a seamless piece of music, as if in symphonic form, each section functioning as a movement within the whole.     

Voice Twins: Maria Radich e Jean-Michel Van Schouwburg

Maria Radich (PT), voice

Maria Radich, in performance, seems possessed by multiple personalities clamouring for release from her slim body – Brazilian samba dancers, creepy little girls, Voodoo spirits all seem to vie for attention. None of this, however, prepares you for the moment when she opens her throat and unleashes the full force of her voice, a primal animal sound from another world. She trained in performance skills, subsequently concentrating on dance and choreography. She gradually began to explore the fertile intersections between dance, music and theatre. Music workshops with Nuno Rebelo, Carlos Zíngaro, José Menezes and Paulo Curado, were followed by singing classes with the teachers Cristina de Castro (2004) and Barbara do Canto Lagido (2006). At the same time she was attending vocal workshops with specialists such as Ute Wassermann , Inês Nogueira, Luís Castanheira, Margarida Mestre, and Sonia Gómez.

As a member of the Granular Association she featured in their concerts between 2004-2008. Since then, she has regularly participated, as a singer, in concerts of improvised music with different musicians, among them: José Bruno Parrinha, Paulo Curado, Ernesto Rodrigues, Paulo Chagas, Maria do Mar, Manuel Guimarães, Francisco Trindade, Bernardo Alvarez, Fernando Simões and Noel Taylor.


Bill Young (USA/PT), voice

Bill Young was born in Fresno California and blew north on a hot August wind in 1967, landing in San Francisco to go to graduate school.  The changes taking place in The City of Jefferson Airplane, The Jazz Workshop, Seiji Ozawa and chemical agents quickly gathered him in its wake and opened the possibilities of sound that keep rolling in, like the tide, to this day.  The vocal music of Krzysztof Penderecki, voice of Carmen McRae, physical theatre of Jerzy Grotowski and poignant tones in a thoughtful conversation, provide the parameters of Bill's obsession.  His music and theatre have always been grounded in voice. Whether as an associate professor of voice and composition at NYU's Tisch School of The Arts, or as a composer of large choral works, voice coach for Broadway actors, jazz vocalist or burgeoning social philosopher, first and foremost it is the transform of the voice that carries the message.  For the past 40 years Bill's "sound following" has taken him from San Francisco, to New York, Paris and now Lisboa. 


Voice Twins - factos:

Não há nenhum facto. De todos os “Twin duos”, talvez este seja o mais intrigante. É uma reunião para além da natureza do instrumento, envolvendo o teatro de duas fortes personalidades fortes, ambas com competências altamente desenvolvidas, lançadas uma contra a outra...  


Twin Sets fact:

There is no fact. Of all the pairings, perhaps this one is the most intriguing. It is a meeting beyond the nature of the instrument, involving the theatre of two strong personas, both with highly developed skills, pitched against each other.   

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