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Temps d'Images 2016 - Mutabilis

09 Dec 2016 19:00

O'culto da Ajuda
Lisboa, Portugal

9 December 2016 | 19h00
O'culto da Ajuda | Lisbon




MUTABILIS, a performance by Paula Pinto, António de Sousa Dias and Rita Casaes results from the blending of movement, sound and image, an allegory of the processes of change that cross us, entangled in ourselves.
Meeting places, an overture to different modes of being. Coexistence of different spaces, different times, either linear or cyclic where change is the only constant.

The Hibiscus Mutabilis flower, also known as Confederate Rose, inspires the title. These hermaphrodite flowers open in the morning in pure white and change the same day becoming pink, passing through a live intense pink, becoming violet in the following days.

In the passage from one state to another, constantly changing its form, through the experience of the fullness of being, the body becomes the place of fine creation and foundation of all rebirths, proclaiming life in its transformations.
The performance develops from the detection of the presence and the motion generated by the dance performer in a space equipped with a surround sound system and frontal and vertical video projection proposing an immersive sensory experience, seeking to capture the movement of reality, a contribution to the gathering of the whole of the human reality in its diversity and depth.

Such as the Confederate Rose, we now present MUTABILIS/white. MUTABILIS/pink will be presented at the Música Viva Festival and MUTABILIS/violet (performance installation) at Temps d'Images both in 2017.



Concept and performance |
Paula Pinto (movement and costume designer),
António de Sousa Dias (sound art and programming),
Rita Casaes (visual art and videomapping),
Special participation: Miguel Azguime (sound projection)
Wardrobe | Alexandra Monteiro and Rafael Saldanha
Lighting Design | Victor Azevedo
Executive Production | Associação sentidosilimitados
Co-Production | Miso Music Portugal
Artistic residency | O’Culto da Ajuda

This show is a Miso Music Portugal / temps d'image co-production

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Address Travessa das Zebras 25/27, 1300-589 Lisboa Portugal