European Literature Night 2018 • Dizer... As Palavras dos Poetas - Companhia Maior

9 June | 18h00
Liceu Passos Manuel, Lisbon

DIZER... AS PALAVRAS DOS POETAS na  European Literature Night 2018



On Saturday night, June 9, the masters of European literature return to Lisbon and, with their works, will fill the most charming spaces of the Bairro Alto area. The edition of the European Literature Night 2018 will bring together works by authors from 14 countries.

A MISO MUSIC PORTUGAL PROJECT presented at the European Literature Night 2018; an initiative of EUNIC Portugal, with the support of the European Commission Representation in Portugal, carried out within the framework of the Lisbon Festivals, in partnership with EGEAC.

A frequent stalker of words within his work as composer, Miguel Azguime, who is also a poet, builds, in co-creation with Companhia Maior, an intentionally touching show in search of the sonorous, emotional, cognitive multiplicities ... of poems; in which the Companhia Maior's artists play as a "spoken chorus" to say the words of the poets.

A proposal of manipulation of the words of the poets, around the word-sense and the word-sound from a set of poems by Portuguese authors, such as Ernesto M. Melo e Castro, Ângelo de Lima, Herberto Helder, etc ...


Dizer a poesia ou deixá-la dizer-se, a si própria

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Companhia Maior is composed mostly of artists over 60 years of age, from various quarters of artistic creation - dance, theater, music - and with different experiences. The company was created in 2010, on the initiative of Luísa Taveira, with the mission of promoting creativity in the greater age, in contact with the various generations of creators and in the interdisciplinary context of contemporary creation, of valuing acquired and perfected knowledge over time and to provide the conditions for its expression and communication.




CO-CRIATION AND PERFORMANCE . António Pedrosa, Angelina Mateus, Carlos Fernandes, Carlos Nery, Catarina Rico, Celeste Melo, Elisa Worm, Isabel Millet, Isabel simões, João Silvestre, Júlia Guerra, Kimberley Ribeiro, Manuela de Sousa Rama, Maria Emília Castanheira, Maria Helena Falé, Maria José Baião, Mário Figueiredo, Paula Bárcia

ASSISTENCE . Ana Baptista



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