Welcome to Silkeborg at O'culto da Ajuda

2nd February 2018 | 21h30
O'culto da Ajuda | Lisbon



Monsieur Trinité. Dadaist and Situationist inspirational sound artist. His contributions to Portuguese improvisation are innumerable; played in the Plexus Group of Carlos Zíngaro in the 70's and collaborated for years with the trumpeter Sei Miguel, not to mention his regular presence in the Variable Geometry Orchestra by Ernesto Rodrigues.

Tiago Varela. musician and architect, divides his activity between these two fields; participates in different projects ranging from classical music to free jazz; explores several instruments in constant transposition of techniques and style approaches; He has a post-graduate degree in Music Arts - Music and Technologies from Universidade Nova de Lisboa;


The two musicians have met frequently in recent years in various formations and projects: VGO, Dark Magus, Equinox Quartet; this quartet (with Paulo Alexandre Jorge and Guilherme Carmelo) recorded in 2015 the album "Saigon" and both musicians participate in the 2016 edition of the Variable Geometry Orchestra: the "Maat Mons" album. The first experiences of this duo go back to the end of 2014 and were born from the discovery of a common artistic reference: Asger Jorn. The pretext of the meeting of the two musicians was thus defined and drawn in a distant place where the aura and inexhaustible legacy of the Great Jorn is concentrated: WELCOME TO SILKEBORG!


Monsieur Trinité . several objects

Tiago Varela . electric piano


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