Extraordinary Voice . Lisbon Festivities 2018

22,23 & 29,30 June 2018 • 21h30 O'culto da Ajuda | Lisbon
Katia Guedes • Marina Pacheco • Savina Yannatou • Inês Simões

 Voice cycle at O’culto da Ajuda . Lisbon Festivities 2018 

4 major names in the contemporary voice show what the extraordinary voice is capable of in the 20th and 21st centuries. A musical course with works of reference and works of our time through the instrumental excellence of 4 soloists / ensembles that stand out in the current music scene.

4 recitals integrated in the Lisbon Festivities 2018 during the month of June, on the 22nd, 23rd, 29th and 30th at 21:30 at O'culto da Ajuda, starring Katia Guedes, Marina Pacheco, Duo Savina Yannatou and pianist Joana Sá, and Tágide Duo with Inês Simões and pianist Daniel Godinho.


Friday June 22nd 2018, 21h30 - O’culto da Ajuda . Lisbon

Katia Guedes . soprano


Rainer Ruppert – 4 Canções de Fernando Pessoa (2013) **

I           O que chora

II          Última estrela a desaparecer

III         Creio

IV         Quer pouco

Martin Daske – Noten setzen (2010) *

Miguel Azguime – Aliterações de Água (2017)

Jocy de Oliveira – Naked Diva (2000) *

Suzanne Stelzenbach – Vis-a-vis (2001) *

Charlotte Seither – Dreizehn Verwehungen (2012) *

Katia Guedes – “ein-gebrant” (gravado na pele) (2016) * 

* national premiere

** world premiere

With the support of the Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa


Saturday June 23rd 2018, 21h30 - O’culto da Ajuda . Lisboa 

Marina Pacheco . soprano


Miguel Azguime – Tudo concorre sem saber para um ponto exacto (2012-2018) **

Lina Tonia – Elalia (2016) *

Kaija Saariaho – Lohn (1996) *

Miguel Azguime – Mon silence silencie (1999-2018) **

Cathy Berberian – Stripsody (1966)

Eduardo Luís Patriarca– Entre o princípio e o fim (2016)

Miguel Azguime – A Narrativa do Espaço (2001-2018) ** 

* national premiere

** world premiere



Friday June 29th 2018, 21h30 - O’culto da Ajuda . Lisboa

Duo Savina Yannatou & Joana Sá

Savina Yannatou . voice

Joana Sá . piano 


The new duet of the Greek singer Savina Yannatou and the Portuguese pianist Joana Sá creates an intimate imagery as strange as enchanting. Assuming the universe of the song as plastic material, extensible and transformable, they use the improvisation and the word beyond the signification as main resources and processes of the musical creation .



Saturday June 30th 2018, 21h30 - O’culto da Ajuda . Lisboa


Tágide Duo 

Inês Simões. soprano

Daniel Godinho . piano



Igor Stravinsky – 3 Poemas Japoneses / 1912-1913

I           Akahito

II          Mazatsumi

III         Tsaraiuki


António Chagas Rosa – Chants de Teika (Fujiwara no Sadaie) / 2011 **

I           Au crépuscule

II          Arrêtant mon cheval

III         Cette nuit de printemps

IV         Je promène mes regards

V          Même si tu prends un autre oreiller


George Crumb – Apparition - Elegiac songs and vocalises (Walt Whitman) / 1979 *

I                       The night in silence under many a star

Vocalise 1:       Summer sounds

II                      When lilacs last in the dooryard bloom’d

III                     Dark mother always gliding near with soft feet

Vocalise 2:       Invocation

IV                     Approach strong deliveress!

Vocalise 3:       Death carol (“song of the nightbird”)

V                      Come lovely and soothing death

VI                     The night in silence under many a star


* national premiere

** world premiere

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