Extraordinary Percussion

2, 3, 16 and 17 June 2017 | 21h30
O'culto da Ajuda | Lisboa


Extraordinary Percussion

Percussion cycle in O’culto da Ajuda integrated in Festas de Lisboa 2017


4 major names of Portuguese percussion show what extraordinary percussion is made of in the XX and XXI centuries. A musical ride with referenced and portuguese works through the instrumental excellence of 4 soloists/groups that stand out in today's portuguese music panorama. 

Also a glance through today's Ibero-American percussion music, following Lisboa Cultural Ibero-American Capital.

4 recitals integrated in Festas de Lisboa 2017, on 2, 3, 16 and 17 of June, at 21h30 in O'culto da Ajuda, with Drumming Marimba Quartet, Miguel Bernat, Colectivo e Nuno Aroso, respectively. 


2/06 - 21h30 Drumming Marimba Quartet

3/06 - 21h30 Miguel Bernat

16/06 - 21h30 Colective

17/06 - 21h30 Nuno Aroso


2-June / 21h30

Drumming Marimba Quartet

© Susana Neves

Pedro Gois . marimba

André Dias . marimba

João Dias . marimba

Miguel Bernat . marimba


Arturo FuentesFosil Calatrava (2016)

Miguel AzguimeOrbital Shift Variations (2017) **

Christopher DeaneVespertine Formations (2003)

José Alberto GomesNo Moon (2016/2017) *

Jo KondoA Volcano Mouth (1986)

Fernando VillanuevaThe Art of Worldmaking (2016/17) *


One of the traditions that has been delineating our Europe is the ability to innovate and invent new worlds or landscapes in artistic terms, which, in essence, has defined who we are. Within Drumming - Percussion Group, we continue to believe in these values and, for that, we continue betting on this tradition that is the creation, even against tendencies and amenities that have paradoxically been installed in our (European) society in these last decades.

Within the macrocosm that represents the set of instruments of the percussion family, we create constellations and systems (chamber music combinations) that may feel homogeneous and coherent, as we want and believe this proposal can be: Marimbas Quartet.

We therefore consider it pertinent to create a quartet of marimbas, also due to the marimba's development in recent decades, as well as to the significant advance of its interpretive technique, offering a range of harmonic, timbral, rhythmic and spatial possibilities. The existing repertoire already shows the multiple inherent musical possibilities and, consequently, we intend to contribute to its dissemination and its expansion in close collaboration with the composers and constructors of instruments and drumsticks. There is indeed a great parallelism between the genesis of a quartet of marimbas and a string quartet, due to the ambivalence between homogeneity and sound variety that both formations have. With this project we aspire for a promising future around this chamber nucleus.

The repertoire goes through the works of composers of international renown, as well as orders for new pieces.

Miguel Bernat



3-Junho / 21h30

Miguel Bernat

Miguel Bernat . percussion


David del Puerto - 42ºC. a la Sombra (2007)

Nuno Côrte-Real - Estudo de Oitavas (2013) 

Jesús RUEDASunrise (2014).

Mark Applebaum - Aphasia (2010)

Fernando Villanueva - Chaos Study (2013) *

Joan Guinjoan - Divertiment (2013) *

Horacio Vaggione / Miguel Bernat - Points Critiques + (2013)



Around 2004 I began to imagine the creation of a book of concert studies for several percussion instruments. The creation of the pieces that constitute the first book, dedicated to the marimba, lasted approximately a decade and benefited from the support of the BBVA Foundation to Researchers and Cultural Creators 2016. This initiative (published at the end of April 2017 accompanied by a CD), came to light to introduce a specific repertoire in my concerts that would serve me in parallel to the technical training and exploration of the instruments, in order to obtain a deeper understanding of the percussion and, on the other hand, to have a set of pieces that presented new technical and aesthetic challenges for use in my activities as a teacher,  diversifying the repertoire.

I met the composers who created these works through the groups that outlined my artistic life (Ictus Ensemble, Brussels; Drumming Percussion Group, Porto; Duo Contemporain, Rotterdam).

The privilege of this proximity to the nucleus of musical creation offered me this excellent opportunity, that I want to share with the public and with the new and future generations of percussionist musicians.

This concert already shows the essence of future books dedicated to vibraphone, box and multi-percussion. An encounter and an achievement of the diversity of current music.


Miguel Bernat


Recital with the support of BBVA Foundation to Researchers and Cultural Creators 2016 and GDA Foundation.


16-June / 21h30



Aphasia, Mark Applebaum
gestural percussion: Cristiano Rios 

Solo de Vibraphone, Philippe Manoury
vibraphone: Cristiano Rios 

Prism, Keiko Abe
marimba: Pedro Tavares

Ripple, Akira Miyoshi
marimba: João Diogo Castro

Cinnabar Heart, Chinary Ung
marimba: Inês Barracho

Stop Speaking, Andy Akiho
box: António Machado 

Corporel, Vinko Globokar
corporal percussion: Francisco Cipriano 

Khan Variations, Alejandro Viñao
marimba: Cristiano Rios



António Machado
Cristiano Rios
Francisco Cipriano
Inês Barracho
João Diogo Castro
Pedro Tavares


Teresa Simas
gestão artística


17-Junho / 21h30

Nuno Aroso

Nuno Aroso . percussion


Luís Antunes Pena - Música Para 30 Metais (2012) *

Matthew Burtner - Broken Drum (2003) *

Karlheinz Essl - Sequitur XI (2011) *

Nicolaus A. Huber - Clash Music (1988) *

João Pedro Oliveira - Vox Sum Vitae (2011)

Jaime Reis - Omniscience is a Collective (2017) **

Lei LiangTrans (2016)



"Between us and the words there's molten metal ...” (Mário Cesariny in You are welcome to Elsinore)

I have long been particularly interested in percussion instruments made of metal. In them I find the poetry of what is contradictorily fragile and rude, sensitive and rough, stripped, adorned, multiple and simultaneously unique. They are perhaps the most "alchemical" of all musical instruments. Metal, for solo percussion is a recital that highlights a set of pieces that were dedicated to me, with the exception of Huber and Liang, by composers I admire, with the peculiarity of only using instruments made of metal and electronics. The narrative unfolds from the monumental work for 30 dishes by Luís Antunes Pena and follows, through car brake discs, vibraphone, triangles, aluminum blades, irons of various sizes, colored cans, copper bowls, bells of distant cultures, wandering between complexity and simplicity of means until the last work, which brings together a multi-instrumental ensemble and invites the audience to participate in a musical dialogue with me, moment when I will be in the condition of conductor/percussionist.


Nuno Aroso



* debut in Portugal

** absolut debut


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