EAW 2015 at O'culto da Ajuda

At the invitation of the Miso Music Portugal, the CIME, Research Centre for Electro-Acoustic Music at the Aveiro University, and the Arte no Tempo association, organize in Lisbon an extension of the Electroacoustic Winds 2015, in the framework of a concert, on September 22 at O'culto da Ajuda in Lisbon; the event highlights the music of the three composers, guests of honour at the 1st International Electroacoustic Music Congress in Aveiro: John Chowning, Jean-Claude Risset and Daria Semegen.

The1st International Electroacoustic Music Congress . Electroacoustic Winds 2015, is taking place between September 16 and 20 at the Culture and Congress Centre in Aveiro. It includes the participation of various Portuguese composers, as well as the special presence of the American and French composers, Daria Semegen, John Chowning and Jean-Claude Risset, essential figures for electronic music who marked the history of 20th century music in an indelible fashion. The EAW 2015 is thus an event that includes training activities for musicians and technicians and, for a broader audience, conferences, concerts, among other initiatives. The event's aim is to fulfill the double purpose: to encourage the research and the exchange of knowledge, while simultaneously promoting a music genre, with which the audience is still not very familiar.       

The concert with the Miso Music Portugal's Loudspeaker Orchestra in the context of the EAW 2015, on September 22 at 09h30 p.m. at O'culto da Ajuda, includes the works and the presence of the three composers, guests of honour at the Congress, John Chowning, Jean-Claude Risset and Daria Semegen; a piece by Isabel Soveral, as well as the participation of the performers, Maureen Chowning (soprano) and José Machado (violin). 

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