Francisco Uberto in residency at the LEC

From September 2015 to February 2016, the Argentinian composer Francisco Uberto is in residency at the Lab for Electroacoustic Creation by Miso Music Portugal. He will be developing a new work for ensemble and live electronics, using the conditions offered by the O'culto da Ajuda and Miso Studio. The residency is supported by Ibermúsicas.

Born in Argentina, Francisco Uberto specializes in instrumental and electroacoustic music, being composition student at the Córdoba National University (UNC). The main idea of his project developed during the residency in Lisbon is the use of the real and virtual space as part of the formal structure to modify, in a concert situation, the gravitational points coming from the sound source, and thus to generate an OTHER formal experience allowing the listeners a different comprehension of the musical discourse.

More information: Francisco Uberto . Ibermúsicas


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