July at O'culto da Ajuda

Three performances essentially dedicated to contemporary music creation will be taking place during the first week of July at O'culto da Ajuda: on July 2 another Open Thursday - Agriculture of Sounds with Fredric Cardoso (clarinet) and Igor C. Silva (electronics) in the framework of the CD release, Press the Keys . Clarinet & Electronics PROJECT; on July 3 and improvised performance by the “Zíngaro” . Cirera . Bechegas . Mitzlaff Quartet; and on July 4 free and conducted improvisation by the Open Mind Ensemble

The next Open Thursday - Agriculture of Sounds, on July 2 at 9h30 pm, is dedicated to the release of the new CD, Press the Keys . Frederic Cardoso . Clarinet & Electronics PROJECT, also including the participation of the composer Igor C. Silva (electronics). In this context the musicians propose a commented performance, which includes the various works from this new CD edition: 

Steven Snowden . Shovelhead (2011) 
for bass clarinet and electronics

Filipe Lopes . Do Desenho e do Som (2012)
for clarinet, score generated in real time and live electronics

João Pedro Coimbra . Press the Keys (2013)
for bass clarinet and live electronics

Igor C. Silva . Frames #87 (2011)
for clarinet, video and live electronics

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On July 3 also at 9h30 pm, the quartet formed by Carlos “Zíngaro” (violin), Albert Cirera (saxophones), Carlos Bechegas (flutes) and Ulrich Mitzlaff (cello), will be creating music not conformed to predictable and common environments. This music is based on the performers' collective and individual experience, within areas that encompass contemporary art music, free jazz and free improvisation, being expressed in solos, duos, trios and obviously the quartet... Their music plays with opposites and ambivalences in the context of a constant discovery and surprise, exceeding limits and allowing for an understanding of the art of sound within the spontaneity of the moment, that is, of live composition.   

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An finally on July 4 at 9h30 pm the Open Mind Ensemble will give a performance of music creation in real time, based on Free and Conducted Improvisation.
It is a group of musicians with an innovative language, combining Free Improvisation (that is, improvised music without any predefined theme) with Music Conducting, translating the music results into a Live Composition. The music direction intervenes in the creation of the performers in the sense of conducting it and giving origin to a music structure also created in real time. Thus the conductor makes his own improvisation through his "instrument", which is the instrumental ensemble...  

Open Mind Ensemble: Luis Vicente, trumpet Bruno Parrinha, soprano saxophone Francisco Andrade, tenor saxophone Albert Cirera,tenor saxophone . Miguel Mira, cello Paulo Pimentel, piano João Lencastre, percussion Luis Bragança Gil, musical direction. 

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