Música Viva 2015

In 2015 the Música Viva Festival, taking place between May 21 and 30 at O'culto da Ajuda in Lisbon, completes its 21st edition and celebrates the 30th anniversary of Miso Music Portugal. Once again, following its vision and main mission, the Festival constitutes an integrated initiative focused on the dissemination of contemporary music creation, simultaneously being committed to Portuguese composers and the relations of music with technology.

To mark the 30 years of Miso Music Portugal and because promoting Portuguese music creation constitutes its main mission, the Música Viva 2015 presents the broadest ever representation of Portuguese music, with 50 pieces by Portuguese composers, within the approximately 70 works of its complete programme. The Festival includes 18 concerts, as well as installations, dance, video, poetry, courses, workshops and meetings.

Additionally, the Música Viva International Composition Competition, the hosting of EASTN (European Art Science Technology Network) and the partnership with MINSTREL, provide not only close collaborations with various artists, but also open the Festival essentially inside Europe.

Giving evidence to the vitality of new music creation, the Festival’s programme embraces 18 world-premieres, not to mention the numerous Portuguese first performances. The Música Viva 2015 Festival constitutes a vibrant collection of diverse ideas and aesthetics; promoting new ways of expression and approaching the audience; as well as creating opportunities for emerging artists, and thus pointing out new paths. 

21 years of Música Viva and 30 years of Miso Music Portugal are naturally reasons for celebration, particularly in these difficult times of resistance. Yet this feast is only made possible thanks to the generosity of all the creators and artists involved, to whom we would like to express our immense gratitude.

Apart from these, we would also like to acknowledge everyone who embraced this project and made it happen, that is, individual persons and institutions, both national and international. Without their support and in view of the insufficiency of the presently available means, the Música Viva 2015 would not have happened!

For a complete understanding of what music is today, and has been ever since...

Miguel Azguime

For the Festival's complete programme follow the linkMúsica Viva 2015 . complete programme


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