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Loudspeaker Orchestra - Presentation

Orquestra de Altifalantes

The Miso Music Portugal Loudspeaker Orchestra is a sound projection system designed for performing electroacoustic music, with and without the participation of instrumentalists.

The main aim is to introduce an element of interpretation into the performance of electroacoustic music, and also to ritualize the act of performance, allowing for an expressive communication with audiences.

This requires a sound projection instrument sufficiently flexible in order to adapt itself to the needs of interpretation and to provide first-rate sound diffusion quality.

The system comprises a total of 40 to 60 loudspeakers, divided into six different subsystems, placed all round the concert hall, distributed both horizontally and vertically, in order to provide a wide range of sound plans and perspectives.

A maximum of 32-distribution channels and a control interface with 32 faders makes it possible to control in real time 32 loudspeakers or groups of loudspeakers, especially configured for each work. The loudspeakers can also be divided into preset frequency bands, which provide a fixed spatial distribution, similar to one of an acoustic orchestra. It is also possible to modify the response in time and phase for each of the loudspeakers. All these parameters may be preprogrammed and saved in memory.
In addition to the real-time intervention by a performer / conductor, it is also possible to automate the spatial variations and movements through computer software.