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Programming / Events

The Programming strategy developed by Miso Music Portugal in the context of various Events and activities produced and organized by the Association, corresponds with its mission to disseminate, among various audiences, the art music of our time - from the 20th and 21st centuries, with emphasis on Portuguese contemporary music creation.

These activities include, on the one hand, the production as well as national and international circulation of Miso Music Portugal creations, but on the other, of already established events such as the Miso Music Portugal Concert Season and the Música Viva Festival, the latter being an essential reference of contemporary music creation in Portugal and abroad. On the other hand, since 2013, the Association has been organizing the monthly cycle, Open Farm Thursdays - Electroacoustic Agriculture, which is a space for discussion on the art being created here and now, and on its condition in contemporary society.

At the same time as an important extension of its "auditorium", Miso Music Portugal develops and produces radio programmes for Antena 2, that is Arte Eletroacústica and Música Hoje. The latter one (Music Today) is dedicated to the music of various generations of Portuguese composers, putting side by side the young generations from the 21st century with the "classics" from the 20th century, in the perspective to present the diversity and richness, which nowadays exist in music creation, either acoustic, mixed or electroacoustic.
All Miso Music Portugal activities developed within Programming of concerts, performances, pedagogical events or radiophonic programs, aim at presenting to the audience the art being created here and now. Therefore, follow the programmes of our Events and participate in our activities in order to get to know what is new and fresh in the art of music!

The new Miso Music Portugal space, O'culto da Ajuda in Lisbon, is our venue of choice to present our Events and Porgrammes.