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Miso Ensemble - Presentation

Founded in 1985 by Paula and Miguel Azguime, the Miso Ensemble has created a unique career within the originality of its performances, and the diversity of the created works, reflecting an approach, which is based on the multiple capacities of its founders: composers, musicians, improvisers, performers, stage directors, writers…

Since its foundation, the Miso Ensemble has affirmed a new form of creating music. It has assumed a multidisciplinary approach, which consequently articulates distinct means of expression, in order to create hybrid and plural music works. In this sense the use of computer technology allied to sound and image constitutes an intrinsic extension of their art, which has effectively given life to a pioneering work within research and creation.

The starting point for the Miso Ensemble was the constitution of a flute and percussion duo with live electronics, broadly acclaimed and recognized around the world (see Press). Within the Miso Ensemble Paula and Miguel Azguime have substantially extended the repertoire for flute and percussion. The Duo has also been the engine to establish relations with various "privileged musicians" who, during many years, have shared the stage with the Miso Ensemble, and performed Paula and Miguel Azguime's collective works. The Miso Ensmeble has travelled regularly in Portugal and abroad, giving hundreds of performances at the most varied venues, and renowned events dedicated to contemporary artistic creation.

More recently, Paula and Miguel Azguime have created various stage works (O Ar do Texto Opera a Forma do Som Interior, No Sítio do Tempo, Salt Itinerary, The Little Girl Water Droplet, A Laugh to Cry, Art's Epigrams,…), music creations, which revolve around words, gesture, theatricality of music and visual representation of sound phenomena. They make use of a multitude of elements and materials (poetry, music, movement, video), which create a new way of working and assume an innovative path for the opera in the 21st century, a New Op-Era as Paula and Miguel Azguime call it.