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Open Thursdays - Agriculture of Sounds

Open Thursday - Clotilde Rosa

05 11 2015 21:30

O'culto da Ajuda
Lisbon, Portugal

At this Open Thursday we will be meeting Clotilde Rosa, presenting her own work, as well as the music of Jorge Peixinho.
And this will be a special Thursday, as Clotilde Rosa is special and she celebrates solely her 85th anniversary! And further, we will listen to a live concert of her music (what has rarely happened in the context of the Open Thursdays) with the participation of her preferred accomplices, her sons (the violinist José Machado and the cellist Jorge Machado), as well as the viola player Ricardo Mateus and the oboist, Nelson Alves. In the first person Clotilde Rosa will reveal us stories from her life and on her music.

It is a unique opportunity to listen to Clotilde Rosa's music universe!

This Open Thursday will include the performance of Clotilde Rosa's works by the Lisbon Contemporary Music Group:

A Memória é um Espelho (2013) for viola . Ricardo Mateus, viola
Densidades (2003) for violin and electronics . José Machado, violin
Éclat du Soleil (1986) para oboe . Nelson Alves, oboe
Trio de Cordas (1999) . Andante luminoso and Final . José Machado, violin . Ricardo Mateus, viola . Jorge Machado, cello

At Open Thursdays - Agriculture of Sounds we gather to listen to music, to talk about freedom, creativity, innovation, resistance and art. Appear and participate! It is a unique opportunity to get to know the compositional and creative thought of some of the composers of our time!

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