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Sound Poetry

To combine text composition and music composition, to compose words and music in the same instance, to reinvent the relations between semantics and phonetics, to put side by side the sense and sound of words, to develop a state of integration between poem and music - beyond illustration or subordination of one form of expression by the other one.

It is not by chance that such expressions as "compose a poem" or "compose a text" exist, as all poetry, since the beginning, has in a sense a phonetic and sonorous foundation. The Sound Poetry performances by the Miso Ensemble make reference not only to these inherent qualities of making poetry, but also to the pioneer creations within this genre, by the Futurists and Dadaists from the first half of the 20th Century, contributing to its continuity and making use of the most recent technological developments in the domain of electroacoustic music and video art.

Among the numerous poems / musical compositions created by Miguel Azguime together with Paula Azguime, responsible for the video composition, No Sítio do TempoO Ar do Texto Opera a Forma do Som Interior and Epigramas da Arte are three totally original performances, in which the words constitute a unique sound material - scores vibrating with emotion and dramatic content. The first one constitutes a mythical sonorous and visual fiction around the city of Lisbon; the second is a monodrama about words and speech (words / speech as meaning and words / speech as sound) and the act of creation (which has given origin to the Salt Itinerary); while the third one is a deprecation in the name of Art - an appeal to invoke its importance and urgency in this times of profound, civilizational and philosophical crisis.