Antena 2 Recitals . ANTÓNIO CARRILHO

30 October 2018 | 21h00
O'culto da Ajuda | Lisboa



Starting in October, Miso Music Portugal will present once a month on a Tuesday a live recital with exceptional performers, in collaboration with Antena 2, to give voice to the music of our time, at O'culto da Ajuda.

During this autumn, 3 solo recitals will be held by remarkable Portuguese interpreters, with works of reference side by side with the music of Portuguese composers of today, with significant absolute premieres and also showing acoustic instruments in combination with electronic transformations.


October 30 at 9pm

António Carrilho . bevel flute


ORBIS TIBIAE, the other side of the sound

Works by César Viana, Karen van Steenhoven, Daniel Schvetz, Thérèse Brenet, Katharine Rawdon, Markus Zahnhausen and Miguel Azguime.



ORBIS TIBIAE, o outro lado do som


The virtuoso flute player António Carrilho continues his exploration of an instrument typically associated with the baroque period, but increasingly appreciated by today's composers. With recent works or absolute premieres for a range of solo bevel flutes, the program highlights both the skills of the performer, recognized worldwide for his recitals by Japan, Australia, India, the United States of America, Brazil and Europe , as well as the incredible capabilities of this ever-rising instrument. The works presented - mainly dedicated to António Carrilho - were chosen to captivate every audience, for the admirable variety of styles and inspirations, making a fantastic "voyage" of new sounds through the new world of an instrument of ancient origin.

© Katharine Rawdon


César Viana (1963)

Hamelin (2012)

“Bloody mice - How could they do it? - Baby, come to papa



"Hamelin" is a solo bevel flute piece and, as the name implies, it is based on the famous legend, according to which a flute player from the east freed the city from a rats infestation; when the citizens of Hamelin refused to pay him, the piper returned to the city, but this time he attracted all the children! The piece has three movements: the first is the gait played by the flute player to attract the mice, the second illustrates his perplexity when not being paid and the third, the attraction of the children to unknown land. The piece is dedicated to António Carrilho.


Karen van Steenhoven (1958)

7 minimal pieces (2010)



Daniel Schvetz (1955)

3 motivos (2017)



The title "3 motivos" (3 reasons why) refers, simultaneously, to the characteristics of each of the three mini-sections of the work, with a recognizable character and identity, as well as the three causes (reasons), which led me to compose the work: a ) the artist to whom it is dedicated, b) the wonderful technical, expressive, timbral qualities of the bevel flutes, and c) let myself be carried by the lightness of a stage almost to improvise, without much plan or preconceived idea, motive devoid of motive, , as simple as this. "


Thérèse Brenet (1935)

Prélude et Chaconne (2013), pour saxophone alto



This work by Brenet was commissioned as part of a series of saxophone pieces by various composers in the form of Prelude and Chaconne. However, feeling constrained by the musical form, the work that she composed turned out to be an expression of her will to break with these restrictions, to enter her own musical world. The first beep-flute audition is authorized by the composer.


Katharine Rawdon (1960)

Broadway Boogie Woogie (2018)

Broadway Boogie Woogie - Midtown Dive at Dusk - Times Square by Night



I wrote this set of three short pieces for my friend, the great flutist (bevelled) António Carrilho, with a double inspiration: first, I inspired myself in Mondrian's picture with the same title, which for me perfectly capture nonstop energy of Manhattan. Secondly, I drew inspiration from the parallel energy of my dear colleague. The shows portray three distinct New York environments: a Broadway stroll, a Midtown dive stop, and Times Square hyperactivity at night. Since I started playing in concert with António Carrilho (in 2014) in Manhattan, the energy of his music, and of the city, are inextricably linked to me, making this way my homage to both.


Markus Zahnhausen (1965)

Flauto Dolce solo (1990)

Minimal music


Miguel Azguime (1960)

Feedback Orders (flauta de bisel e electrónica) (2018) . WORLD PREMIERE



Conceptual creator, teacher and musical director, António Carrilho divides his musical activity between the bevelling flute and the direction, covering a repertoire that goes from the Italian Trecento to the most recent music of our days without, however, interpret and transcribe nineteenth-century music. He was soloist with the Gulbenkian orchestras; Portuguese Symphony; Metropolitan Orchestra of Lisbon; Orchestrutopica; Den Norsk Katedralenensemblet (Norway); Sinfonietta of Lisbon; Divine Sospiro; The Musicians of the Tagus; Baroque Orchestra of Haifa (Israel); Póvoa de Varzim Symphony Orchestra; Baroque Orchestra of Amazonas (Brazil); Baroque Orchestra of Nagoya (Japan); Orchestra of Cascais and Oeiras; Baroque Orchestra of Amazonas (Brazil); Concert Balabile (Holland); Chamber Orchestra of Madeira and awarded in the International Competitions Moeck Solo Competition Recorder (England), as well as Recorder Solo Competiton of Haifa (Israel).

He is the musical director of La Paix du Parnasse - member of the association G. E. M. A (Spanish groups of Ancient Music) and is part of the groupings Syrinx: XXII - member of the association C. M. A (Chamber Music America); Syrinxello; Ciudate (Holland); Borealis Ensemble; The Musicians of Tejo & Melleo Harmonia - Antigua (Portugal) and is the principal conductor of the Baroque Orchestra of Nagoya (Japan), performing regularly at major festivals in Europe, America and Asia. Recorded for: Encherialis; Numerical; Naxos; Secretary of State for Culture of the State of Amazonas; DGartes / MPMP; portugaler; dialogues; Art France / RTP.

He has had a tremendous performance with regard to contemporary premieres for solo bevel flute, in a chamber setting or soloist and orchestra debut in the last two decades, having premiered works by composers from the four corners of the world.

He directed "Dido and Aeneas" by Purcell, Charpentier's "La descente d'Óphphée aux enfers", Pergolesi's "La Serva Padrona", Scarlatti's "La Dirindina", Boismortier's "Don Quijotte chez la Duchese", "Orpheus" Monteverdi, John Blow's "Venus and Adonis", Salieri's "Arlechinatta", Gluck's "Orpheus & Eurydice", Bach and Telemann cantatas as well as works by Tchaikovsky, Mozart, Sibelius, Nielsen, Piazzolla, Stockhausen ...

He teaches courses in the International Masterclasses of Ancient Music of Urbino in Italy; at Lisbon's Masterclass and at the Casa de Mateus International Music Courses in Portugal. He has taught courses in Portugal, Holland, Spain, Germany, Italy, India, Japan and Brazil. He is Adjunct Professor at ESART - School of Applied Arts -, lecturing Bevel Flute and Chamber Music (discipline coordinator). He is also a professor at the Escuela Superior de Música de Extremadura, Spain.

Graduate and Master by the Royal Conservatory of The Hague (Netherlands). António Carrilho holds a Specialization in bevel flute and chamber music by the Lisbon, Porto and Castelo Branco Polytechnic Institutes, as he is a trainer in the artistic area.

In the present season it is presented in concert in Rome in Festival Frescobaldi; in concerts in Brazil; on tour in India; on tour in Japan; on tour in Australia; in concerts in New York, among other projects in Portugal and Spain. Will record with: Syrinx: XXII in New York; La Paix du Parnasse in Madrid; with Divino Sospiro the debut of the concert for flute and orchestra of Nuno da Rocha (debut in Young Musicians Prize).

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