26 October 2018 | 21h30
O'culto da Ajuda | Lisboa



Concert of improvised music with musicians Piotr Damasiewicz and Rodrigo Pinheiro.


Piotr Damasiewicz . trumpet

Rodrigo Pinheiro . piano


Piotr Damasiewicz

Trumpeter. He studied at the Music Academy in Wrocław, Bydgoszcz and Katowice, Poland. He founded "Music according to Art Association" (MATA) association that promotes artists looking for alternative solutions in music and art. His musical work refers to the model language of Jazz, Free Jazz, European classical music, new European improvisational music, sound art and electroacoustic improvisation.

Damasiewicz collaborated with musicians and artists such as Jason Moran, James Carter, Phil Minton, Lotte Anker, Tomasz Stańko, Kazuhisa Uchihashi, Magda Mayas, Raymond Strid, Pall Nilssen Love, Dave Rempis, Michael Zerang, Gerard Lebik, Andrzej Bauer, Cezary Duchnowski, Jeb Bishop, Rudi Mahall, Spinifex, Red Trio, Igor Pudło, Jon Falt, Per Zanussi, Samuel Blaser, Hans Koch, Joker Nies, Bettina Wenzel, Satoko Fuji, Morihide Sawada, Maciej Garbowski, Maciej Obara, Dominik Wania.

Damasiewicz played at major festivals such as North See Jazz Fest, Tokyo Jazz Fest, London Jazz Fest, Jazz Jamboree, Dizzy's Club Lincoln Center, Jazztopad, Isai Festival Chennai, Cracow Autumn Jazz Fest. Summer Jazz Days., Paris Banlieues Jazz Fest., Music Biennale Zagreb., Ars Musica Brussels, Vancouver International Jazz Fest., And many others.


Rodrigo Pinheiro

He was born in Covilhã in 1973 and began studying piano at the age of five at the Covilhã Conservatory of Music and later at the National Conservatory of Lisbon, where he attended until he was 19 years old. Starting with an intuitive approach to improvisation and the timbral exploitation of the piano in its more classical approach and the use of extensive techniques, his music is characterized by energy, polyrhythms and contrasts, having contributed to the various workshops of improvisation and composition in who participated with musicians such as Carlos Zingaro, Peter Kowald, Gunther Muller and Patrick Brennan.

At the age of eighteen he moved to Lisbon and began gradually to get involved with the improvised music scene in this city. Together with Hernâni Faustino and Gabriel Ferrandini, he formed in 2010 the RED trio that has been in the last years his main project, with eight albums published in publishers like Clean Feed and Nobusiness Records. He is also a member of the Clocks & Clouds quartet of the trio earnear and in recent years has been working solo.

He played in the most varied situations with musicians such as Axel Dorner, Mattias Stahl, Per Anders Nilsson, John Zorn, Nobuyasu Furuya, Nate Wooley, John Butcher, Lotte Anker, Joe McPhee, Keir Neuringer, Rodrigo Amado, Ernesto Rodrigues, Nuno Torres, Ricardo Jacinto , Nuno Rebelo, Jason Stein, Hiroshi Kobayashi, Pedro Sousa, Albert Cirera, Gerard Lebik, Piotr Damasiewicz, João Camões, Miguel Mira, Luis Vicente, Marco Franco, among many others.

He has played and recorded Portugal, USA, Holland, Germany, Austria, Poland, Norway, Serbia, Romania, Lithuania, Russia.

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