23 September 2018 | 21h30 |
 O'culto da Ajuda | Lisboa |



The French-American musician Wade Matthews (digital synthesis and field recordings) and Lisbon-born guitarist Abdul Moimême will present a joint project entitled "Lisbon - 10 Sound Portraits" that combines recordings made in the city of Lisbon with free improvisation. It is a project with Lisbon as background, where the material collected seeks to capture unique characteristics of the city's sound ecology and culture, processing them live in an intrinsic interaction with the improvised material throughout the concert.

The project was released on CD in 2017 and received the attention of Canadian critic Stuart Broomer who described it as "one of the most engaging works I've heard recently, a wealth of fresh aesthetic principles that highlight and soon blur the notion of documentary, improvisation, composition; the past of architecture, the past of culture and the present moment. "



Wade Matthews . digital synthesis and field recordings

Abdul Moimême . guitar






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