Artistic Residence . Emídio Buchinho

3 to 15 September 2018 | 
 O'culto da Ajuda | Lisboa




Emidio Buchinho will present a set of electroacoustic pieces whose main processes of creation are those of free improvisation, random composition and collaborative composition. For this, the instrument will be expanded electric guitar with polyphonic pickup, for processing and mapping the individual strings, so that they can be directed to different points of space, in a search of the integration of the process of spatial diffusion with the musical gesture. It will also be accompanied by a group of musicians and composers such as Ricardo Guerreiro, Flak, Carlos Zíngaro, Ulrich Mitzlaff, Alvaro Rosso, Carlos Santos, Rodrigo Pinheiro, Paulo Curado, Eduardo Chagas and Nuno Morão for the execution of collaborative pieces , induced and semi-driven by its interactive and random compositing software BeComposer. This computer application, developed as part of his doctoral program in Science and Technology of the Arts, was created on the basis of chaos theories, Marcel Duchamp's concepts of "Distorted Rationality" and John's Chance Music Operations methods Cage. Its purpose is to enable composers, musicians and improvisers to use methods of direct or induced composition for the individual or collective creation of musical or sound compositions with a great degree of indeterminism based on the logic of play and free will. It also provides an immediacy and work efficiency equivalent to that of free improvisation, in search of a balance between automation and manual control of compositional decisions.

With sonorous results are expected close universes of contemporary music and electronic erudite, experimental music, free-jazz and new music, for the remarkable use of abstractionist discursive elements and extended performance techniques, possible reinterpretations and citations of those musical constellations.



Emidio Buchinho: expanded electric guitar, computer, direction

Ricardo Guerreiro: electric guitar

Flak: electric guitar

Carlos Zíngaro: violin

Ulrich Mitzlaff: cello

Alvaro Rosso: double bass

Rodrigo Pinheiro: piano

Paulo Curado: saxophone

Eduardo Chagas: trombone

Nuno Morão: percussion

Carlos Santos: computer

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