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The adventure of electronic music goes back to the beginnings of the past century, turning itself into an emblematic "image" of 20th century music. The history of electronic music has been developed in various chapters, within a process of exponential acceleration, parallel to the technological development of the past century.

Together with the birth of musique concrète in 1948 and the appearance of music produced in studio and registered on a fixed medium, either tape, soft disk, CD, hard disk or any other type of medium to store data, the loudspeaker became an indispensable element of the electroacoustic chain, making the air vibrate and letting the sound reach our ears.

Consequently, various, more or less complex configurations of loudspeakers were being developed until the invention of the Loudspeaker Orchestra concept by Christian Clozier in 1971, in France, perceived as an instrument for performance and sound projection. Following its first realisation, this concept was then developed and appropriated by other artists and institutions.

In 1995 Miguel Azguime conceived and realized the first Loudspeaker Orchestra in Portugal.
Apart form its regular presence at the Música Viva Festival, the Miso Music Portugal Loudspeaker Orchestra presented itself at the Belém Arts Centre, Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, Casa da Música, São Luiz Municipal Theatre in Lisbon, Helena Sá e Costa Theatre in Porto, Campo Alegre Theatre in Porto, Museum of Urban Transport in Coimbra, Poets' Park in Oeiras, Gil Vicente Theatre in Coimbra, Reina Sofia Museum in Madrid and the Warsaw Autumn Festival


The Loudspeaker Orchestra is a sound projection system, especially designed for the diffusion of electroacoustic music on fixed medium.

Its main objective is to introduce an interpretative dimension to electroacoustic music, as well as to ritualize its performance, thus enabling an expressive communication with the audience. Of great importance too, is to enlarge the "sweet spot" and thus allow a better listening experience at different positions inside the concert hall.

Having this purpose in mind, it is necessary to create an instrument for sound diffusion sufficiently flexible to adapt itself to the above-mentioned interpretative needs, and at the same time to provide a unique quality of sound diffusion.

The Loudspeaker Orchestra conceived by Miguel Azguime, results from several years of research and experimentation, during which he developed, at the Miso Studio, a specific hardware and software for the Orchestra's implementation. Initially presented in 1995 at the Música Viva Festival, the Loudspeaker Orchestra was then partially presented at the Knowledge of the Seas Pavilion (Expo'98). The present stage of the Orchestra's development constitutes its profoundly modified version, which was presented for the first time at the Música Viva Festival in 1999. Since then it has given performances at various events in Portugal and abroad, in many cases in collaboration with soloists or ensembles.

The Miso Music Portugal's Loudspeaker Orchestra is a global system for sound projection, in a total of about 50 loudspeakers. This system itself is made of six different subsystems of loudspeakers, distributed in space in a way to create an extended number of sound plans, divided in some cases into pre-established frequency bands, which aim at a concept of spatialization similar to the one of a traditional orchestra. This sound system is combined with an original lighting scheme for the orchestra's every element / loudspeaker, thus providing the Loudspeaker Orchestra with a magical atmosphere, in order to prepare the audiences for an exceptional electroacoustic experience and involve them with sound and music!