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1º Course of Electroacoustic Music Composition

A systematic teaching in Composition of Electroacoustic Music with unique and innovative technical features in Portugal.

New deadline for submissions: December 31, 2018

A proposal that benefits from extensive experience, aesthetic pluralism, an extensive international institutional network; and which benefits from the logistical and technical resources available in O'culto da Ajuda, where a 40-element "Speakers Orchestra", a unique sound diffusion instrument in Portugal, is permanently installed, thus providing students with excellent conditions for the practice of musical composition to be addressed.

This course will have a maximum of 12 participants.


The three areas that structure the course, which will have theoretical and practical components are:

- Listen / analyze

- Composition

- Disseminate / interpret


Topics will include the following topics:

- Sound and digital representation of sound.

- Historical and aesthetic aspects of electroacoustic music.

- Theory of signal processing.

- Sound synthesis (analog and digital).

- Acoustics and psychoacoustics.

- Computer tools applied to sound processing and composition.

- Cognitive / aesthetic issues of work and compositional writing.

- Matter of interpretation and sound spatialization.



The course will begin in February 2019 and will be developed over 4 semesters (each level will consist of 2 semesters) - 1 weekend  every 3 weeks (approximately), on Saturdays and Sundays at the following time: 14h30-19h / 20h-22h30.

At the end of each semester, there will be additionally 2 days of seminars with public presentations of the works composed by the students.



The faculty of this course is based on the pedagogical direction, coordination and teaching of António Ferreira, and the teaching of Miguel Azguime and António de Sousa Dias.

In each of the semesters that constitute the course, there will also be teaching of a foreign invited professor of recognized artistic and academic merit to announce in a timely manner.



There will be no specific requirements for enrollment in the course, but there will be a selection of candidates based on the elements sent and later face-to-face interview with the course coordinator.

Those interested should send personal data, curriculum and a letter of intent to explain their past experience and motivation to attend this course until December 31, 2018.


Conditions of participation:

300 euros per semester (paid at the beginning of each semester)


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