E se tudo fosse amarelo? at O'culto da Ajuda

23th February at 21h30 | 24th February at 11h00
O'culto da Ajuda | Lisbon




"We started with the concept of conflict, we went around stories with Spartans and Greeks (from EH Gombrich's book A Little History of the World). We played around some of the children's claims to their parents and to with the world in general.Then we evolved to a new idea - the error.And if we did not always want to "erase" the errors, but rather to underline them and, from that, to construct a spectacle together? had a unique aspect of artistic training for children.It was my intention from the beginning to make one more show in my art course, but this time in co-creation with a group of children ... This show is for me very ambitious, a personal and artistic investment for 4 years.I had the privilege of doing continuous work with the majority of the children who are still in the group.I initially worked with a class of the 1st cycle of Escola Voz do O (about 2 years), then some more children entered during the last year. At this moment the group is consolidated. There are 7 children between the ages of 12 and 14, full of talent and very committed. "

Sílvia Real


Artistic director Sílvia Real

Co-creation Bruno Cochat

Musical direction Sofia Sequeira

Musical co-creation Rute Prates

Development of texts / philosophy with children Rita Pedro

Pedagogical and dramaturgical assistance Bárbara Ramires

Lighting design Frank Laubenheimer

Reflection and curatorial dialogue Catarina Saraiva 

Graphic Design Carlos Bártolo

Lighting Operation Carlos Ramos

Promotional video Bruno Canas

Soundtrack recording Moz Carrapa

Cast and co-creation Filomena Araújo, Helena Araújo, Jasmim Mandillo, Laura Sequeira, Miguel Fabião, Nuno Pelágio, Vicente Magalhães

Main co-production Culturgest

Secondary co-production Festival World Music (Sines)

Production Real Pelágio 

Executive production Sílvia Real

Administrative support EIRA

Artistic Training Center / Voice Theater Support EIRA and Voz do Operário School / Graça

Acknowledgments Parents of all the children involved, Rosa Peliças, António Pedro and Sérgio Pelágio

FaLang translation system by Faboba