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Children and Youth

The young audiences are the most sensitive and demanding ones, therefore creating and realizing artistic projects, which intend to inspire their imagination and sensibility is always a great challenge, taken up by Miso Music Portugal with the greatest endeavour and pleasure. At the same time the children and youth, thanks to their direct manner of apprehending the world, have an almost ingenuous openness and curiosity for everything that is new and different.

Our projects for children and youth include works from the Electroacoustic Theatre (for example the Sound-Told Fairy Tales), where it is possible to "see" with ears; special interactive projects aimed at educating through art; as well as spectacles for children and youth of greater dimensions, such as the opera, The Little Girl Water Droplet, based on the text by Papiniano Carlos.

By means of our projects for children and youth we intend to rise the awareness of the youngest for the new forms of musical expression, presenting to them the variety and richness, which nowadays exist in contemporary art, thus contributing for their education and development, freedom of choice, and knowledge.
At the same time the children and youth projects by Miso Music Portugal are an unforgettable aesthetic experience, not only for the young, but also for the adults.