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Electroacoustic Theatre - History

The Electroacoustic Theatre was founded in 2006, together with the creation of the Sound-Told Fairy Tales project, whose premiere took place within the Música Viva Festival in co-production with the Centre for Education and Animation of the Belém Arts Centre, directed at the time by Madalena Victorino.

During the recent years the Sound-Told Fairy Tales project has been presented at Casa da Música, Viriato Theatre, at the Municipal Ecomuseum in Seixal, Joaquim d'Almeida Cine-Theatre, Casa da Cultura in Coimbra, Águeda Municipal Library, Culture and Congress Centre in Aveiro, Centro Cultural de Cascais, Casa da Música and at the National Library in Lisbon, among many other venues in Portugal. Since 2007 this project has become part of the programming of the Miso Music Portugal Concert Season.

Following the success of the Sound-Told Fairy Tales project, Miso Music Portugal created in 2009 the Erotic Sound Stories. This project aimed at adult audiences was also conceived having as basis the relation between literature and electroacoustic music. For the project's premiere five original works were commissioned to António de Sousa Dias, José Luís Ferreira, Paula Azguime / Miguel Azguime, Cândido Lima, Beatriz Ferreyra and Robert Normandeau. Every composer had the possibility to choose one author or text, original or not, as well as a musical language, which in his / her point of view would correspond with the erotic dimension of the chosen text.

Both projects integrating the Electroacoustic Theatre are "interactive" performances, where the communication is animated not only by the actor, but also by the performer responsible for the sound projection and electronic processing. The purpose is to let the audience appreciate the influence of technology on today's music, providing contact with computer music, stimulating the curiosity for sound phenomena and promoting the musical development at the level of auditive perception and creativity. 

The artistic quality, together with the underlying pedagogical component, motivates and captures the audience, encouraging reflection and openness towards new music languages allied to literature.

Sound Told Fairy Tales