Mutabilis project in residency between January and June 2016

The Mutabilis project started a residency at O'culto da Ajuda at the LEC (at the Lab of Electroacoustic Creation of Miso Music Portugal) in January 2016. The residency goes on until June 2016. The project is preparing an installation and performance resulting from a collaboration between Paula Pinto, Rita Casaes and António de Sousa Dias. The ongoing project, constructed as a hybrid artistic object, will be presented at the O'culto da Ajuda on June 3. The title makes reference to the Hibiscus Mutabilis bush, whose flower is also known as confederate rose...

These hermaphrodite flowers open purely white in the morning, and change during the same day, becoming pinkish, then intensively pink, and end up being violaceous in the subsequent days. The artists intend to create a behavioral work, exposing a conduct of its own, rather than reacting or interacting with the audience. The installation is to provide a broader sensorial experience, incorporating a range of everyday materials with other organic, suggesting interlaced wires, and also perhaps insinuating a cocoon of translucent canvas and video, where the performance creates an immersive experience. The residence at O'culto da Ajuda started in January 2016.

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