Electronic Geographies at O'culto da Ajuda

In the framework of the MINSTREL European project, between March 27 and 28 Miso Music Portugal and the Portuguese Music Research & Information Centre, MIC.PT, are organising at O'culto da Ajuda performances by the Loudspeaker Orchestra, Electronic Geographies, as well as an international meeting dedicated to musical diversity. 

This meeting will unite, during two days, representatives of various Music Centres in Europe, participating in the MINSTREL, whose mission is to promote the musical diversity in the framework of the UNESCO convention, and joining 12 entities from 11 European countries: Greece (leader), Poland, Austria, Cyprus, Belgium, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Portugal, Croatia and Latvia.

The meeting will be accompanied by performances of the Loudspeaker Orchestra, Electronic Geographies, whose programme will include electroacoustic pieces, historical and contemporary, originating from eight Music Centres in Europe, localised in Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Greece, Latvia, Poland, Portugal and Slovenia.

Complete programme:  

March 27, 09h30 p.m.
Electronic Geographies, concert no. 1

Ieva Klingenberga (LV), Lamp Fever (2014/15)   PP 
Andris Dzenītis (LV), Symphatetic (2007)   PP
Mārtiņš Roķis (LV), Biomimesis VI (2014)   PP 
Zlatko Tanodi (HRV), Bionic Soundscape (2009)   PP
Haris Sophocleous (CY), Hz Discrimination (2009)   PP
Pandelis Diamantides (CY), #008000 (2011)   PP 
Bojana Šaljić Podešva (SI), Welcome to the Dooshaland (2005)   PP
Tao G. Vrhovec Sambole (SI), Sounds from Somewhere / Sounds from Nowhere (2014)   PP 
Ladislav Železný (CZ), 220 Sound Layers (2011)   PP 
Michal Rataj (CZ), Glass Light (2010)   PP 

March 28, 09h30 p.m.
Electronic Geographies, concert no. 2

Konstantinos Karathanasis (GR), Violins of Summer (2013)   PP 
Ioannis Kalantzis (GR), Metalogi (2014)   PP 
Nikos Stavropoulos (GR), Ballistichory (2014)   PP 
Dimitris Savva (GR), Telchines (2012)   PP
Włodzimierz Kotoński (PL), Study on One Cymbal Stroke (1959)   PP 
Tomasz Sikorski (PL), Solitude of Sounds (1975)   PP
Kalina Świątnicka (PL), Il rumore del silenzio (2014)   PP
António Ferreira (PT), Urban (2013)
Ângela da Ponte
 (PT), Homenagem subconsciente (2015)   PP 
João Castro Pinto (PT), Athanor (2015)   WP 
João Castro Pinto (PT), Interspersed Memories - on strings, murmurs and gongs (2013)   PP 

PP - Portuguese premiere
WP - world premiere 


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