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Founded by Paula and Miguel Azguime, the Cultural Association Miso Music Portugal arose as an "extension" of the Miso Ensemble, with the objective to encourage and promote contemporary music creation and to bridge some of the numerous structural gaps in the Portuguese music environment, giving voice to a new generation of musicians and composers.

The Association's infrastructures have been developed during the years and many of its projects / activities have a public service character. The development of the infrastructures has made it possible to carry out a vast number of initiatives and to establish fundamental strategies for the preservation, research, creation, production, and promotion of Portuguese music in Portugal and abroad.

In paralel with these activities Paula and Miguel Azguime continue to develop and perform their own creations, regularly presented in Portugal and abroad.

Here are some of the main stages of Miso Music Portugal's institutional evolution:

1985 foundation of the Miso Ensemble
1988 foundation of the Miso Records label
1990 foundation of the Miso Studio
1992 creation of the Música Viva Festival
1995 creation of the Loudspeaker Orchestra
1996 membership at the ECPNM (European Conference of Promotors of New Music)
1998 membership at the ISCM (International Society for Contemporary Music)
1999 foundation of the Música Viva International Competition of Electroacoustic Music
2000 membership at the ICEM (International Confederation for Electroacoustic Music)
2002 foundation of the Portuguese Music Research & Information Centre
  membership at the IAMIC (International Association of Music Information Centres)
2004 creation of the Circuits project for the internationalization of Portuguese music
2005 foundation of the Lab for Electroacoustic Creation (residencies for composers)
2006 launch of the Portuguese Music Research & Information Centre website (
  membership at the ICMA (International Computer Music Association)
  foundation of the Electroacoustic Theatre
2007 foundation of the Sond'Ar-te Electric Ensemble
  creation of the Miso Music Portugal Concert Season
2008 creation of the Sond'Ar-te Composition Competition - Chamber Music with Electronics
  membership at the IETM (International Network for Contemporary Performing Arts)
  creation of the public art project SoundWalk - Electroacoustic Miniatures
  constitution of the Scientific Board of the Portuguese Music Research & Information Centre
2009 score edition and distribution by the Portuguese Music Research & Information Centre
2010 attribution of the Medal of Cultural Merit by the Cascais Municipality
  celebration of the 25th anniversary of Miso Music Portugal
2011 creation of the New Music Review Lounge
2012 creation of the Arte Eletroacústica radio programme
  membership at the Donne in Musica project of the Adkins Chitti Foundation
  membership at the European Music Council and International Music Council
2013 attribution of the Status of Public Utility Institution
  creation of the monthly event Open Farm Thursdays - Electroacoustic Agriculture
2014 reactivation of the Música Hoje (Music Today) radio programme

 It should be also indicated that:

< 1985 since its foundation in 1985 Miso Music Portugal has given special attention to education through art dedicating numerous activities to young audiences, such as the Sound Told Fairy Tales
< 1996 Miso Music Portugal's membership in different international networks has annually ensured  the internationalization of numerous works of Portuguese composers
< 2001 from this year Miso Music Portugal has established a regular programme of commissions to composers, with emphasis on Portuguese authors

Some collective creations and performances by Paula and Miguel Azguime / Miso Ensemble:

< 1985 more than 600 performances of the Miso Ensemble (flute, percussion and electronics) in Portugal and abroad, with programmes composed of Paula and Miguel Azguime's own works, as well as pieces by other composers
1997/98 Yuan Zhi Yuan (work for soprano, tenor, 6 traditional Chinese instruments, chamber choir and live electronics) - music by Miguel Azguime, staging, light design and image projections by Paula Azguime
1999/2002 O Centro do Excêntrico do Centro do Mundo (work for 16 voices, 2 speakers and live electronics) - music by Miguel Azguime, staging by Paula Azguime
2001 O Ar do Texto Opera a Forma do Som Interior (sound poetry) - texts, music and performance by Miguel Azguime, staging and live-electronics by Paula Azguime
2003/06 Salt Itinerary (multimedia opera) - texts, music and performance by Miguel Azguime, staging and video composition by Paula Azguime
2011 The Little Girl Water Droplet (children opera) - music by Miguel Azguime, staging and video composition by Paula Azguime
2013 A Laugh to Cry (multimedia opera) - texts and music by Miguel Azguime, staging and video composition by Paula Azguime