Música Viva 2014

the State of the Art | 20th encounters of new music

Space and time for encounters with contemporary music creation, with focus on Portuguese new music, its composers and performers, within an essential affirmation of its vitality.

In 2014 the Música Viva Festival completes its 20thedition, in a new format and at a new venue, O'culto da Ajuda in Lisbon, uniting between November 21 and 29 a motivated and protecting assembly of the highest values of human condition and the art of music, created here and now, for a total understanding of what music is, today and since forever.

With the presence of performers and composers of reference together with the newest generations, once again the Música Viva constitutes a platform of encounter and confrontation of ideas and aesthetics, to question, discuss and reflect on the State of the Art.


November 21, 9h30 p.m.

Concert 1: Cadavre Exquis 


Cadavre Exquis: 30 Miniatures by de Ângela Lopes, António Chagas Rosa, António de Sousa Dias, António Pinho Vargas, Bruno Gabirro, Cândido Lima, Carlos Azevedo, Carlos Caires, Christopher Bochmann, Clotilde Rosa, Daniel Schvetz, Emanuel Frazão, Isabel Pires, Isabel Soveral, Ivan Moody, João Madureira, João Pedro Oliveira, José Luís Ferreira, Luís Tinoco, Miguel Azguime, Patrícia Sucena de Almeida, Paula Azguime, Paulo Brandão, Paulo Ferreira-Lopes, Pedro Amaral, Pedro M. Rocha, Ricardo Ribeiro, Sara Carvalho, Tiago Cutileiro, Vasco Mendonça


Paulo Ferreira-Lopes, Purity I (2014) WP
Luís Antunes Pena, Konvolut (2014) WP

Sond'Ar-te Electric Ensemble
Pedro Neves, direction

Sílvia Cancela, flute
Nuno Pinto, clarinet
Suzanna Lidegran, violin
Nelson Ferreira, violoncello
Luís André Ferreira, violoncello
Joana Gama, piano

November 22

10h00 a.m. - 13h00 p.m. | 14h00 a.m. - 17h30 p.m.

Workshop: Programming in Composition and Sound Art 
by Andre Bartetzki | entries and more information

Support: Goethe-Institut

9h30 p.m.

Concert 2 (concert-marathon): 40 Years of Electronic Music


Pierre Schaeffer e Pierre Henry, Symphonie pour un homme seul (1949-50)
Karlheinz Stockhausen, Gesang der Jünglinge (1955-56)
Iannis Xenakis, Concret PH II (1958)
Edgard Varèse, Poème Electronique (1958) 


Luciano Berio, Omaggio a Joyce (1958)
Morton Subotnick, Silver Apples of the Moon | fragment (1966)
Bernard Parmegiani, De Natura Sonorum | part 1 (1975)


Jonathan Harvey, Mortuos Plango, Vivos Voco (1980) 
Cândido Lima, Autómatos da Areia (1978-84)
Barry Truax, Riverrun (1986) 

Loudspeaker Orchestra
Miguel Azguime, sound projection

November 23

10h00 a.m. - 13h00 p.m. | 14h00 a.m. - 17h30 p.m.

Workshop: Programming in Composition and Sound Art 
by Andre Bartetzki | entries and more information

6h00 p.m. - 11h00 p.m.

Inauguration (6h00 p.m.) of sound installation: 
SoundWalk 2014, Revolution and Metamorphosis - celebrating the 40 years of the Portuguese Revolution 

Alejandro Casales, Trigonometría (Mexico)
Blas Payri, Déferlante (Spain)
Daniel Steiner, ofmikio´ (Switzerland)
Dimitris Maronidis, Ισπαχάν (ISPAHAN) (Greece)
Fabio De Sanctis De Benedictis, Publica Res (Italy)
Gerald Fiebig, Re_carnation (Germany)
Giuseppe GavazzaBanalità del male (Italy)
Juan María Solare, Celeste (Argentina)
Matteo Bertolina, Rivoluzione dei garofani (Italy)
Panayiotis Kokoras, Liquid Metamorphosis (Greece)
Paul Ramage, Rivière Noire (France)
Sondre Bryntesen, Red Carnations (Norway)

November 24, 6h00 p.m. - 11h00 p.m.

Sound installationSoundWalk 2014, Revolution and Metamorphosis 

November 25, 9h30 p.m.

Concert 3Colectivo 


Michael Gordon, Timber (2010) PP

Pedro Carneiro, direction

Agostinho Sequeira, percussion
Marco Fernandes, percussion
Miguel Filipe, percussion
Pedro Carneiro, percussion
Rodrigo Azevedo, percussion
Tomás Moital, percussion

Support: OCP - Orquestra de Câmara Portuguesa

November 26, 9h30 p.m.

Concert 4The Electric Voice 


Isaac Shankler, Mouthfeel (2013) PP
Lissa Meridan, Shafts of Shadow (2013) PP
David Felder, Black Fire / White Fire (2014) WP
Jean Claude Risset, Otro (2013) PP
Miguel Azguime, De Fond en Comble (2014) WP


Karlheinz Stockhausen, Capricorn (1975/77)

Nicholas Isherwood, bass-baritone

Support: Goethe-Institut

November 27, 9h30 p.m.

Announcement of the winning work of the Música Viva 2014 International Competition of Electroacoustic Composition
Jury: Elzbieta Sikora, Andre Bartetzki, Miguel Azguime

Concert 5Ludwig Berger


Ludwig Berger, Mapping of hypothetical islands on the scale of 1:1 (2014) PP
Ludwig Berger, Cuyo (2013) MVC
Ludwig Berger, 1959 (2012) PP

Loudspeaker Orchestra
Ludwig Berger, sound projection

Concert 6Andre Bartetzki


Andre Bartetzki, Hrönir (2009) PP
Andre Bartetzki, nova obra (2014) WP
Andre Bartetzki, [~] (2012) PP

Loudspeaker Orchestra
Andre Bartetzki, sound projection

Support: Goethe-Institut

November 28, 9h30 p.m.

Concert 7António Ferreira


António Ferreira, Urban (2013) MVC
António Ferreira, Edgelands - Intro (2014) WP
António Ferreira, Edgelands - Scale and Edges (2014) WP
António Ferreira, Edgelands - Scale and Grain (2014) WP

Loudspeaker Orchestra
António Ferreira, sound projection

Concert 8Elzbieta Sikora


Elzbieta Sikora, Aqua marina (1998) PP
Elzbieta Sikora, Lisboa, tramway 28 (1998)
Elzbieta Sikora, Rouge d'été (2002) PP

Loudspeaker Orchestra
Gilberto Bernardes, saxophone
Elzbieta Sikora, sound projection

November 29, 9h30 p.m.

Concert 9João Castro Pinto


João Castro Pinto, Pareidolia - ou dos jardins sonhados (2014) WP LEC
João Castro Pinto, Invocatio - ascribing soundimages into silence (2009)
João Castro Pinto, Simulacra - on discrete movements and dense textures (2013) PP

Loudspeaker Orchestra
João Castro Pinto, sound projection

Concert 10Electroacoustic Cadavre Exquis and Piotr Roemer


Piotr Roemer, Poemat elektroakustyczny Sin Palabras (2014) PP LEC

Cadavre Exquis: 15 Miniatures by Álvaro Garcia de Zuñiga, André Castro, António Ferreira, Carlos Alberto Augusto, Carlos Guedes, Carlos Marecos, Duarte Dinis Silva, Emanuel Dimas de Melo Pimenta, Filipe Lopes, Pedro Patrício, Pedro Rebelo, Ricardo Guerreiro, Rui Penha, Simão Costa, Tomás Henriques

Loudspeaker Orchestra
sound projection by the composers

WP - world premiere
PP - Portuguese premiere
MVC - winning work at the Música Viva 2013 International Competition of Electroacoustic Composition
LEC - work composed in the context of the Lab for Electroacoustic Creation

The programme is subject to alterations.






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