Sound Walk

Sound Installation

Resulting from an international invitation directed to composers of electronic music, Sound Walk is a collective and original sound installation, which since 2008 has accompanied the audience of the Música Viva Festival in Lisbon. Every year the Sound Walk visits public spaces of the city (the entrance to the Belém Arts Centre, the garden of the Goethe-Institut in Lisbon, among others), giving the audience an opportunity of immersion in various sound passages / miniatures composed under diverse subjects.

The Sound Walk installation reinvents the soundscape of urban spaces. It awakens the curiosity and senses of everyone who crosses with it, constituting an alternative to the usual, everyday urban sonority. It is a juxtaposition of various electronic pieces, and a contribution for an active redefinition of public spaces, carving them through sound and reabsorbing their opposition in relation to time.

The Sound Walk presents a variety of styles within the genre of electronic art, integrating pieces, which come from various parts of the world, diverse cultural contexts, and which have different sources of inspiration, such as nature, human body, modern, everyday life, or strictly musical matters.

Diffused by the Miso Music Portugal Loudspeaker Orchestra the Sound Walk is an original programming proposal, within the events dedicated to new music.


Sound Walk on the Arte Eletroacústica radio programme (Antena 2)

Arte Eletroacústica 016 (2012) | Sound Walk 1st Part

Arte Eletroacústica 017 (2012) | Sound Walk 2nd Part

Arte Eletroacústica 014 (2013) 
| Sound Walk / Jardim dos Sons 1st Part

Arte Eletroacústica 015 (2013) 
| Sound Walk / Jardim dos Sons 2nd Part

Arte Eletroacústica 016 (2013) 
| Sound Walk / Jardim dos Sons 3rd Part


List of works selected for the Sound Walk

Sound Walk / Close, Closer 2013

Sound Walk / Sound Garden 2012

Sound Walk 2011

Sound Walk 2010

Sound Walk 2009

Sound Walk 2008

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