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Erotic Sound Stories

Electroacoustic Theatre

Eroticism, manifestation of human sexuality, whose characteristics vary according to the culture in which it is manifested, was certainly born, just as Art, with civilization. So could the liberating function of Eros, introduced by Plato and referred by the psychoanalysis, be the main reason of its frequent representation through Art? Or perhaps eroticism in Art serves also to confront the system?

Music, despite supposedly being the least representative of all arts and not reflecting directly and objectively any particular emotions, has a tremendous power of provoking, psychologically and physiologically, intense spiritual and emotional states. Can music be erotic? Or can it contribute to a reflection on eroticism? Raising these kind of questions and with the intention to continue the idea of telling stories by means of sound, initiated with the Sound-Told Fairy Tales, Miso Music Portugal created an Electroacoustic Theatre for adults, that is the Erotic Sound Stories.

The Erotic Sound Stories challenge the audience in the discovery of eroticism in music, which together with the words creates an intriguing blend of sound objects in search of its definition!

This unique project is being continuously developed, and already includes various works by Portuguese and foreign composers, based on diverse erotic texts, and commissioned by Miso Music Portugal.

Everybody says sex is obscene. The only true obscenity is war.
(Henry Miller, Tropic of Cancer)

List of works (available in August 2014):

António de Sousa Dias - A Dama e o Unicórnio *
Text by Maria Teresa Horta

José Luís Ferreira - Trópicos *
Text by Henry Miller

Robert Normandeau - Jeu de Langues *

Cândido Lima - ERÉTYICA-ai Deus i u é? *

Beatriz Ferreyra - Pas de 3 ou plus *

Miguel Azguime - L...
Text by E.E.Cummings

* pieces commissioned by Miso Music Portugal

Narrators: Ágata Mandillo, Rosinda Costa, Ana Mandillo
Miso Studio - computer music design
Loudspeaker Orchestra

Listen to the Erotic Sound Stories on the Arte Eletroacústica radio porgramme, broadcast on March 2, 2013, on the Antena 2: Arte Eletroacústica 05 (2013) | Erotic Sound Stories