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Paula Azguime

Paula AzguimeComposer and flutist, Paula Azguime was born in Lisbon in 1960. In 1985, together with Miguel Azguime, she founded the Miso Ensemble, a flute and percussion duo with electronics. She received commissions from various public and private institutions, both in Portugal and abroad. She has made regular public performances with the Miso Ensemble, having given more than 600 concerts at some of the most important contemporary music festivals in and outside Portugal.

During the more recent years Paula Azguime has been working regularly as multimedia artist, within the development of new languages for music on stage.

Her artistic activity has always been accompanied by the dedication to the promotion of Portuguese composers and contemporary music, both at national and international level. In this context together with Miguel Azguime she has developed, over the recent years, numerous actions, some of them pioneering, among which one should emphasize the creation of the independent record label Miso Records, the realization of the Música Viva Festival, the creation of the Portuguese Federation of Electroacoustic Music / UNESCO, direction of the Portuguese Section of the International Society of Contemporary Music / UNESCO, the creation of the Miso Studio (for the development of music with live electronics), the foundation of the Portuguese Music Research & Information Centre in 2002,...

Paula together with Miguel Azguime have developed a concept / project reflecting around new opera, which they both designate as New Op-Era. In this context one should emphasize the Salt Itinerary, constituting in a certain way the culmination of a process of integration between writing poetry and music; this process has also led to a new form of creative collaboration within the Miso Ensemble. This collaboration encountered its consolidation in the children opera The Little Girl Water Droplet, and in the opera A Laugh to Cry, a metaphysical theatre developed on the edge of dream and reality, where Miguel Azguime's music and Paula Azguime's staging and video composition coexist in a truly symbiotic form.

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