The Air of the Text Operates the Form of the Inner Sound

The Air of the Text Operates the Form of the Inner Sound (O Ar do Texto Opera a Forma do Som Interior) is a work composed and performed by Miguel Azguime, actor, musician and reciter. The stage space has been designed by Paula Azguime, who is also responsible for the work's sound diffusion and realization of electronics. O Ar do Texto Opera a Forma do Som Interior is a poetic and musical recital revolving around words (words as meaning and words as sound), as well as the gesture of writing perceived as sound and instrumental gesture.

Here the instruments and objects, either Miguel Azguime's voice, hands, a pen, a rubber, a table, a bucket or paper, are used as an extension of the body and a projection of the sound of words, in order to create a dramaturgy of the voice, of a new kind of theatre: the theatre of the word's sound, gesture and appearance. Miguel Azguime's texts and voice are combined with an electronic system for sound transformation and spatial projection, providing the poem's composition with a polyphonic and contrapuntal quality.

O Ar do Texto Opera a Forma do Som Interior is a combination of music and drama, where the re-creation of the poem in a technological environment takes us through the different senses and sounds of the texts. The digital manipulation of the sounds created by the performer expands the number of possible interpretations, within a multiplicity of dimensions.

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