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No Sítio do Tempo

At the Place of Time (Invention on Lisbon)
Miso Ensemble 

No Sítio do Tempo (Invenção sobre Lisboa) [At the Place of Time (Invention on Lisbon)] is a sound (and visual) abstraction about Lisbon, presented from the binomial perspectives of three different times: past and myth, present and crossroads, future and utopia.

These three concepts, together with the correlated sound archetypes, construct a mythical story about the city of Lisbon. Like a spiral, the work is composed around the poems of diverse Portuguese authors, where the city is frequently evoked, and which constitute an emotional score conducting the music. The voice, the electronics and the video composition rediscover themselves once again in this collective and unique work by the Miso Ensemble - Paula Azguime, flutist-videomaker, and Miguel Azguime, percussionist-reciter-composer, who give us the opportunity to listen and feel the poetry of Luís de Camões, Antero de Quental, Miguel Torga, Álvaro de Campos / Alberto Caeiro / Fernando Pessoa, Mário Dionísio, Alexandre O'Neill, Natália Correia, Carlos de Oliveira, Fiama Hasse Pais Brandão, Ana Hatherly and Miguel Azguime.

Composition and percussion-voice: Miguel Azguime

Live video and electronics: Paula Azguime
Image and camera: Perseu Mandillo
Technical implementation: Miso Studio