The Little Girl Water Droplet

Children Opera

This performance and work was designed for a large public, as a pedagogical and an entertaining challenge both for the audience and the participants.

A Menina Gotinha de Água

The Little Girl Water Droplet ± 45 - Miguel Azguime

This opera is about water cycle indispensable for human life on Earth. It tells a story of a water drop, which leaves the sea, evaporates, travels with the wind along with other million water drops, which are transformed into rain, give life to flowers and food to people, which descend to the ground, arouse in a fountain, in a water trickle, in a stream, turning into a river and going back to the sea. The opera’s setting is concomitantly built upon infantile visual imagery through real and digital images. The drawings, the videos, the representations and its transformations, hand in hand with movements/choreography of the choir contribute to the perception and fruition both of the music and the story. The music, sung by children, joins spoken and singing voices, real-time sound transformations of voice as well as nature and electronic sounds diffused in space.


Miguel Azguime composition & libretto on original text by Papiniano Carlos
Paula Azguime concept; staging, video & sound projection
Erica Mandillo musical direction and choir staging
Ágata Mandillo narrator
Lisbon University Children’s Choir with Camila Robert as menina gotinha de água (the little girl water droplet)
Drawings from the Ateliers and Preparatory Choir of the Lisbon University
André Perrotta technical direction & software development
Perseu Mandillo film & image processing
Sara Janic costumes
Violeta Barradas & Jakub Szczypa production assistants & supervisors
José Grossinho musical informatics assistant
Margarida Moreira lighting design

Project: Miso Music Portugal / Miso Ensemble New OP-Era 
Miso Studio: multichannel diffusion system 
Miso Music: Portugal production

Commissioner: Ecomuseu Municipal do Seixal
Co-production for the première: Câmara Municipal de Lisboa / EGEAC
Partnership: CITAR Universidade Católica Portuguesa 
Support: Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia
Special acknowledgement to Papiniano Carlos’ family

The Little Girl Water Droplet :: Low Quality Video

Download High Quality Video (399 Mb)


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