Sound Walk 2009 - Electroacoustic Miniatures

As result of a international call to composers of all ages and nationalities, Sound Walk collective and original sound installation, gave the visitors of the Belém Arts Centre an oppotunity to immerse in 35 sounscapes.


"Khamsin" by António Ferreira
"Far" by Akiko Hatakeyama
"Hannibal" by David Berezan
"bachsbaby" by Danny de Graan
"Focus" by Junya Oikawa
"Nuit Vernale" by Alain Lithaud
"Outgribing" by James Andean
"Amadinda" by Madjid Tahriri
"AnechoicSpin" by Panayiotis Kokoras
"Momento-Paisagem" by Cândido Lima
"The Bolduc Sound" by Hervé Déjardin
"El Blanco Negro" by Daniel Dominguez
"Bologna" by Paul David Thomas
"in situ" by Hugo Paquete
"BubbleUp" by Maggi Payne
"Biopsy" by Sílvia Mendonça
"Le mouvement d'un murmure" by Jean-François Blouin
"Kestelli EarthWorks" by Sair Sinan
"Transcending Time" by Orlando Jacinto Garcia 
"Joyce's Vision" by Robert Mackay
"Órnis" by André Ruiz
"Memento Homo" by Carlos Súarez Sánchez
"WT0: Feedback" by Benjamin O'Brien
"Ezogiku" by Shinichi Morita
"Palabras vacias" by Ricardo de Armas
"Invocatio - ascribing soundimages into silence" by João Castro Pinto
"Phreximus" by Paul Oehlers
"Jewel" by Juraj Kojs
"Voyage au fond de l'ocean cerebral" by Jorge Antunes
"Sound Walk" by Gerald Fiebig
"African Rhythms" by Joan La Barbara
"Lame Lucenti... Tacerai per sempre" by Massimo Davi
"Iluna eta gero" by Jean Louis Hargous
"Harbour" by Rui Chaves
"Devenir" by Agapito Galan


The Sound Walk 2008 took place between September 13 and 20 in Belém Arts Centre.

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