Sound Walk 2008 - Electroacoustic Miniatures

As result of a international call to composers of all ages and nationalities, Sound Walk collective and original sound installation, gave the visitors of the Belém Arts Centre an oppotunity to immerse in 36 sounscapes.

142 works from 28 countries where proposed to be part of this sound installation. 

"Blanc Distance" by Junya Oikawa         
"Shaking Mendeleev in the Presence of a Guitar" by Rita Torres 
"Cricketmusic" by Peter Eotvos 
"Migrazione" by Nicola Cogliolo 
"Deambulation" by António Ferreira 
"Gold.Berg.Werk - Aria Electronica II" by Karlheinz Essl 
"La jarra de los males" by Edith Alonso Sanchez 
"La Fabrica en Horta de Ebro" by Hélder Filipe Gonçalves 
"Granulations - sons do parque" by Ângela Lopes 
"Dowling Pass" by Fergal 
"Câmara Lenta 1" by Miguel Urbano de Figueiredo 
"Remixes of Ciguri" by Felipe Andres Otondo Ruiz 
"Undo" by Pedro Patrício 
"BihotzBi" by Zuriñe Gerenabarrena
"Pocket Music" by Ricardo de Armas 
"Soundlence" by Ingrid Obled 
"Taccani Sibilla d'Autunno" by Giorgio Colombo 
"Wait a Minute!" by Roderik de Man 
"Sesenta cuatro campanas" by Andrián Pertout 
"Roulements, Rebonds" by Jean-Louis Di Santo 
"I was vaguely aware of somethinhg" by Miguel Negrão 
"Ensalada Inestable" by Hernani Villaseñor 
"Border" by Hugo Paquete
"wel-come" by Georg Klein 
"Maile Colbert Day of Anger, Act 3" by Rui Costa
"Payri Miniature avec voix de femme" by Blas Gaston 
"L'amour outragé" by Massimo Biasioni 
"Movimenti" by Massimo Fragalà
"Fantasma da Tesoura" by André Rocha do Nascimento 
"L'Animal du temps" by Frédéric Kahn 
"LocoJazz" by Hervé Déjardin 
"Suoni per Gigi" by Roberto Fabbriciani 
"X-Tension SAX" by Roland Semadeni 
"Chilling Effects" by Kala Pierson 
"Waltz at the edge of Lorros" by Panayiotis Kokoras 
"Space Warp" by Tiago Morais Morgado 


The Sound Walk 2008 took place between September 20 and 27 in Belém Arts Centre.

FaLang translation system by Faboba