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Electroacoustic Theatre

Initiated in 2005, the performances of the Electroacoustic Theatre, constitute one of Miso Music Portugal's "trademark", as the association has been pioneer in the production and promotion of this genre in Portugal. In this context we propose two projects intended for different audiences; yet both of them constitute an innovative way of telling a story, where various meanings of the text are revealed by the musical and sound dimension, conceived by various renowned contemporary composers, both Portuguese and foreign. The diversity of aesthetics and languages corresponds to the not less diverse choice of stories.

Sound-Told Fairy Tales (Contos Contados Com Som) is a performance for children, youth and families composed of various stories for children by such emblematic authors as Andersen or the Grimm brothers, as well as Portuguese authors of children literature. The music, which has been composed for every story, makes reference to children imagery and in this sense enables a double apprehension of the texts - the words are revealed through sound.
On the other hand the Erotic Sound Stories (Contos Sonoros Eróticos) is a performance essentially directed to adults, challenging the audiences to (re)discover eroticism in music, emphasizing the sensuality of the texts (Henry Miller, Maria Teresa Horta, E. E. Cummings, Song of Songs, among others), and creating with them an intriguing environment of intimacy and tension…

During the Electroacoustic Theatre performances by Miso Music Portugal, it is indeed possible to "see with ears"!